We’ll guide you to the top
Developing a new drug is like climbing a mountain. It is a long journey that takes a lot of resources. You have to choose one route out of many. But only some of them lead to the top. Don‘t get lost on the journey and plan your route together with people who know the mountain.
Drug Development is complex

Planning is critical for success


Preparing and executing a Pharmaceutical Development plan requires in-depth know-ledge of the entire chain of events. Decisions made early on, impact steps to be made many years later.
Our experience, your service
BaselBio1 offers support in your Development programs. We operate with a group of highly experienced Development and Marketing specialists, all of which have spent more than 25years in Pharmaceutical Industry both in large companies and in small Biotech.
Biotech and Academia
We understand the needs of small Biotech companies and Academic groups operating on limited budgets.