We’ll guide you to the top
BaselBio1 supports small Biotech companies and academic groups in:

- Design of pharmaceutical development strategies and plans
- Preparation of realistic budgets and timelines
- Finding the right CMOs to perform drug substance and drug product development
- Design the right non-clinical safety program and find the right CRO to run the studies
- Design your phase 1 program and identify the CPU that can carry out your phase 1 studies
- Help you to put together clinical advisory boards and design phase 2 and phase 3 protocols
- Find the CROs to run phase 3
- Work out the right NDA / MAA filing strategy and help you to successfully complete it
- Perform due diligence on potential in-licensing compounds

BaselBio1 has extensive experience in all stages of drug development, from EiM and IND to NDA and market launch. We will help you to reach the top and see the world from above.